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Defined Contribution Plans

One certainty of today's world is that individuals are responsible for contributing to their financial security during retirement years. Defined contribution plans are one method by which an employer can support its employees in planning for their financial futures. Our firm helps each client design and implement plans which will benefit both the employer on a current tax-deductible basis and the employee on a tax-deferred basis. We design the plan features that best suit the needs of our client companies and its employees.


Our firm's staff specializes in the administration of profit sharing, money purchase, 401(k), 403(b), employee stock ownership (ESOP), and non-qualified tax-deferred compensation plans. Our service-minded approach and eye for automation help assure prompt and accurate administration of defined contribution plans. We work with our clients in every phase of plan administration, from data gathering and account reporting, to compliance testing and legislative changes.


We specialize in the administration of ESOPs. As an employee owned company, we understand the complexities of ESOPs. Our services include repurchase liability studies. We provide consulting on ESOPs from an ESOP point of view.


Our flexible computer system helps us work efficiently to perform a broad range of record keeping activities.

Our services include:

  • Providing participant statements that are detailed and easy to understand on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis
  • Generating year end annual reports that summarize the plan's financial and participation activity
  • Certifying benefit payments
  • Checking the plan for compliance issues
  • Processing year end IRS Form 5500 reports

We take a proactive approach and offer actual deferral percentage projections and detailed allocation analyses. We also conduct frequent plan document reviews to make sure your plan is continuing to meet our clients needs. Our extensive knowledge and experience with a wide variety of plans allow us to identify potential problems before they arise.

Preparing for the future

Our firm assists in encouraging our clients employees to prepare for their future needs. We work a team member in communicating the plan provisions and benefits to enhance employees' appreciation of their benefits plan to its fullest. Providing first-class consulting, administrative, and communication services for our clients defined contribution plans is our goal.